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About Exo Gourmet

ExoGourmet’s healthy cooking is designed specifically to provide your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to kick start a healthful, wholesome life. ExoGourmet holds the key to an optimal well-being no matter the lifestyle, be it vegan, vegetarian or gluten free.

ExoGourmet prepares exotic meals from West, East and Central Africa, using various superfoods such as ginger root, hibiscus flower, baobab and tamarind, to equip your body with minerals and vitamins, and to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. The use of infused healing oils in various recipes provides your body with the tools to replenish itself, all while giving you vitality and health.

ExoGourmet also prepares homemade bone broths, fermented drinks with Kombucha and Kefir, and healing drinks created with the Cat’s claw plant, the Chaga mushroom, the Pau d’arco tree, various herbs, spirulina and more to optimize your health and spirit.

To give you the ultimate revamping experience, ExoGourmet combines fresh, locally grown food with exotic, yours-to-discover imported aliments, taking pride in strictly using organically-grown ingredients.

ExoGourmet delivers the secret to healthy, wholesome cooking through workshops in which participants will learn the benefits of assorted superfoods and ingredients, as well as master their use, all while preparing their own meal in a professional and encouraging environment.

About Exogourmet