Exogourmet food is simply amazing! I have discovered tastes that I didn’t know even existed. Mariama has the talent and inspiration needed to exploit the flavours of various ingredients (mostly superfood) to create a delightfull dish. I had the pleasure to taste her urucum rice, the african vegetarian pastel and eggplant meli-melo. Can’t wait to try more!


I highly recommend Exogourmet to everyone!
It’s different delicious food!
Mariama has a creative menu that exceeded all expectations.
The food is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted… absolutely fell in love with her Jollof Rice.
I am certain her cooking workshops will be something you will enjoy and learn a thing or two about healthy exotic meals!



You have a gift for making food both delicious and nutritious. I truly enjoyed the meal and would highly recommend it to friends & family. If you are trying to go vegan, this is the food for you!

Thank you so much!


We made it! So glad I could witness this event manifested. To many events and successes!

With love and support,

Vanessa Arkaifie

A successful event with exceptional food & great company. The ambiance was extraordinary and well planned. Thank you for the invite & I look forward tom many more.

Thank you & merci!

Dora Dalietos

Mariama, that was delicious! I fell in love with your food just by looking at your website! When I tasted it, I was not disappointed. It’s so unique tasting and filling; and to know that it’s all vegetarian is amazing. The rice was my favourite. Well balanced flavour all around. And the crispy golden fries! Thank you! 


My dearest friend Mariam,

Thank you for having my family & myself in your home and have great food made with love that has so much power.

Much love.

Darpan - Total Nutrition Diva

Mariama the food you’re making is going to change an industry that has a lack of diversity. Not only you’re cooking the right food but the energy you’re giving can be seen in the food you’re creating.