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Keto - Paleo - Low Carb Local Organic Food

African Fusion Keto cuisine inspired by exotic super foods

Baobab, Fonio, Sorghum, HibiscusKinkeliba-Tamarind

Using traditional cooking method

ExoGourmet is owned and operated by Mariama Bah.

Using traditional cooking method, Exogourmet products are designed to provide your body with optimum health and wellness. Mariama prepares exotic meals using fresh superfoods and can cater to your vegan or gluten free needs as well.

She also prepares homemade bone broths, fermented drinks and more to optimize your health and spirit and combines fresh, locally grown food with exotic organically-grown imported aliments.

Exogourmet offers English or French cooking workshops in which participants will learn the benefits of assorted superfoods and ingredients, as well as master their use, all while preparing their own meal in a professional and encouraging environment.

Many of the oils and vinaigrettes used in our cooking can also be purchased from Exogourmet.